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Real or not? Jeff Hoffman is real deal for Rockies, Brett Gardner an All-Star

When the Colorado Rockies Jersey traded franchise icon Troy Tulowitzki Jersey back in July 2015, the prospect they got in return from the Toronto Blue Jays Jersey was Jeff Hoffman. While the impetus for the trade included dumping $98 million in future salary owed to Tulowitzki, the Rockies took a risk in acquiring Hoffman. wholesale…
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Maybe Brett Gardner deserves his own fan section too

Maybe the Yankees could find a spot in left field where they could workshop a new section called Gardy’s Yardy or something for Brett Gardner Jersey. They could pass out some gardening tools and gloves and maybe some wide-brimmed hats. wholesale baseball jersey shirts After just 67 career games, rookie outfielder Aaron Judge already has…
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Bazooka Judge? Yankees’ giant, gum-chewing rookie is a superstitious slugger

New York Yankees Jersey right fielder Aaron Judge is 6-foot-7, 282 pounds and possibly the most fascinating player in baseball. But if you don’t watch him closely enough, there are things about the massive rookie you might miss. wholesale official mlb baseballs It begins just moments before first pitch — with a superstition. Judge pops…
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